“Additional beneficiaries” will receive P6K aid


QUALIFIED low-income households that did not receive any improvement assistance during the first and second installments of the Bayanihan Government Social Improvement Program (PAS) 1 can still receive cash assistance under the Bayanihan Law. 2.

Shalaine Lucero, deputy director of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) 7, said they would be called “additional beneficiaries” who will receive 6,000 pesos in cash.

Lucero said: “In other words, they are left behind. Since they did not receive SAP 1 and 2, we will cover them under Bayanihan 2. “

She said, however, that they will be stricter and more focused when it comes to reviewing the list of beneficiaries submitted by Local Government Units (LGUs) as they do not want to make the same mistakes in PAS 1 and 2, especially inclusion errors.

Lucero said that for Bayanihan 2, 67 LGUs in the region approved a total of 37,409 households.

However, based on their deduplication and validation, DSWD 7 generated a blank list with only 27,147 qualified beneficiaries.

She said: “It’s a difference of around 10,300. It’s really a challenge since we found out that there are LGUs that still approve the names of those who have not received assistance from the government. STEP 2 but have already received help during STEP 1. “

She said the cash advance for the program is underway and they hope to start distribution next week.

Meanwhile, Lucero said 174 low-income households in Bohol that have been affected by granular blockages have also received P 6,000 in cash assistance under their Emergency Grants Program (ESP) under of the Bayanihan law 2.

This amounted to approximately 1,044,000 P.

Lucero said those 174 families were among the first batch of 235 beneficiaries from low-income households who have been placed under granular lockdown since the approval of the Bayanihan 2 Law on September 19.

Of the others unpaid, 56 are beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino program who will receive their assistance through their payment cards.

She said they will ensure that all beneficiaries receive their contributions before the law expires on December 19.

Lucero said the cash grant is only intended for low-income households affected by granular blockages.

Aside from Bohol, the agency also recently received a report from Zamboangita, Negros Oriental, that a community of around 400 families has been placed under granular lockdown.

Lucero said families affected by the granular lockdown of any LGU will receive assistance as long as a signed resolution of the Regional Interagency Working Group (RIATF) 7 supports it. / WBS

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