Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority salutes our veterans

Commitment to the country is something our military veterans are admired for today. The Xi Omicron Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. joins us in expressing our gratitude and appreciation for the years of sacrifice our veterans have made on behalf of our country.

The admiration and love of the military and our veterans is not something that has remained quick and secure throughout our American history. There were times in living memory when wearing a military uniform could attract a sneer or a hostile look. During the Vietnam War there were many protests against the war and when our veterans returned home they were often denigrated and humiliated.

It is painful and for some it is shameful to think of young soldiers returning home from war with physical and psychological wounds only to be greeted with taunts and accusations. How difficult it must have been for our veterans at that time and many still carry the post-war scars with them until today.

The Xi Omicron Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. would like to thank all of the veterans who have served our nation with its rising promises of freedom and equality for all and we offer a focused gratitude to the many veterans who have n ‘did not initially receive the applause and love of their country for the sacrifices made.

We also offer our gratitude to the many black squadrons who were often placed on the front lines and had to prove that they were worthy to fight for their country. To the Redtail Squadron of the All Black Tuskegee Airmen and all the black infantry who fought, were injured and died in the effort to protect our nation and our union, we also recognize your sacrifices which have not always been welcomed or recognized while your warm puffed width from your breasts. Your gifts of bravery are remembered, your lonely and difficult separations from your family and all that you knew and cherished, are remembered and recognized here and now!

To all veterans of all branches of service, all veterans of all colors and communities in our vast and varied nation, all veterans who have served in different wars and conflicts, or who have served outside the zones of war, all the veterans who missed the births of their children, or the deaths of their elders, who came home to despise or to praise and wish good luck, we stand by your grateful nation and you say hello! Thank you for your service!

Please see our Thank You Billboard on W 23rd Street on the 220th Block Panama City.

Cecile Scoon is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Xi Omicron Omega Chapter and sits on the Veterans Appreciation Committee.

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