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David Rutherford and the Sons of Revolution in Hamblen County continued their tradition of honoring veterans by upgrading the Veterans Memorial at the Hamblen County Courthouse on Monday. Rutherford said he wanted the symbol of America to look down on the memorial that honors Hamblen County veterans who fought in the war.

“This veterans monument is a project for the sons of the revolution in Hamblen County,” he said. “With the arrival of Memorial Day, I wanted to do something special. When we erected the monument a year ago, we didn’t have the funds to do everything we wanted to do. So I saved my pennies and bought an eagle to put on the pole as a contribution.

Morristown Utilities workers used a bucket forklift to install the eagle on the flag pole of the Hamblen County Veterans Memorial. Rutherford said he appreciated the support from the utility provider.

“Morristown Utilities is a great community-minded organization and they have been helpful to us in many projects,” he said.

Jody Wigington, Managing Director and CEO of MU, said the company is thrilled to be a part of this effort.

“Morristown Utilities has a legacy of veterans working there,” he said, “we are very proud and honored to be part of this event today.”

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