Blake Richards named Shadow Veterans Affairs Minister

“Hearing what their needs are, hearing what their ideas are and trying to put them into practice. As with any problem you work on, there are a lot of things people pay attention to, a lot of problems to solve. »

BOW VALLEY — While the Conservative Party of Canada has a new leader under Pierre Poilievre, Banff-Airdrie MP Blake Richards has a new job as Shadow Minister of Veterans Affairs.

As shadow minister, his main task will be to provide an alternative vision for the veterans portfolio.

“What you do as a shadow minister of the opposition is you monitor the file on behalf of the official opposition, criticize the government where necessary, make alternative suggestions,” he said. -he declares.

As Shadow Minister, Richards will be directly involved in bringing the concerns of Canadian veterans to Parliament.

“Hearing what their needs are, hearing what their ideas are, and trying to put them into action,” Richards said. “As with any issue you work on, there are a lot of things people are paying attention to, a lot of problems to solve.

Previously, Richards served as chief opposition whip from 2020 to 2022 and shadow tourism minister from 2015 to 2020.

Although this new portfolio will present new challenges, Richards looks forward to working directly with veterans.

“I don’t come into this field with firsthand knowledge of being a veteran myself, but what’s important, like how I approached the role I had in tourism, it’s It’s you talking to those who are experts and those who are involved,” says Richards. “In this case, it’s our veterans.”

Veterans Affairs is one of the most prominent portfolios in Parliament, including the shadow portfolio, requiring the appointee to be prepared to tackle a wide range of issues and concerns.

“It’s even more critical when it comes to the issue of veterans affairs and the needs of those who have served the country,” Richards said. “One of the most important things about taking on a public service role like this is that you represent a variety of different issues and you have to be capable of a wide range of different things.”

The aspect of his new portfolio that Richards is most looking forward to is being able to speak directly with veterans and show the respect he has for veterans through his work.

“I look forward to building those relationships with our veterans and saying thank you with tangible solutions with my role.”

The party is eyeing the next election, under the leadership of its prominent leader in Poilievre. According to Richards, the party is united behind its leader and ready to bring an alternative vision to Canadians.

“Being united as a team, in everything you do, is key,” Richards said. “Canadians are counting on us and expecting us to provide an alternative to the Liberal government and to do this we must be united.

While he has a new portfolio to handle, Richards also says it won’t affect his ability to help Bow Valley voters as an MP.

“I have always juggled the various responsibilities I have had in my caucus, in government and in the official opposition,” said Richards. “He never let my primary focus shift from where it should be, on my constituents. This is my first priority.

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