Buchheit joins corona effort

Buchheit stores and divisions participated in the Dec. 18 Wreaths Across America event, which included coordinated wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery and more than 3,100 other sites in the United States and abroad .

Over 2.4 million crowns were placed during the day, and Buchheit Logistics helped ensure the crowns got to where they were supposed to be.

Worcester Wreath Co. owner Morrill Worcester of Harrington, Maine started Wreaths Across America after his first visit to Arlington National Cemetery. Years later he began sending each state seven wreaths – one for each branch of the military plus one for prisoners of war and missing in action.

Worcester’s family and others later came together in 2007 to form the non-profit organization Wreaths Across America. Buchheit joined the effort in 2015 and has since delivered more than 35,000 crowns donated.

Buchheit donates wreaths and trucks, and Buchheit Logistics drivers donate their time to deliver wreaths to area veteran cemeteries. This year, Buchheit Logistics and its sponsors, Missouri Great Dane and Cline Wood Insurance Agency, donated the transportation of two truckloads of crowns, or about 10,000.

U.S. Army veteran Michael Black and U.S. Navy veteran David Ayers were chosen to represent Buchheit Logistics in this year’s efforts to honor America’s fallen veterans.

Black started working in the pickup truck division of Buchheit Logistics in May 2019. He joined the army in October 1985, earning several awards and reaching rank E-4 before leaving the army in 1990. He has great -uncles who served in the World War. II, a son who served in the Navy, a daughter who served in the Army, and a son who served in the Air Force, stationed in Italy.

Ayers started working for Buchheit Logistics in April 2019 as a sand dump driver. He owned a restaurant in Malden, Missouri, before 9/11 when he was inspired to enlist in the Navy. He had reached the rank of Petty Officer Second Class when he left the Navy in 2005 and became a Butler County Sheriff‘s Deputy.

U.S. Army veteran Daniel Sparks delivered Buchheit to the Missouri National Veterans Memorial. Sparks is a 12-year veteran who joined Buchheit in 2020.

“Somebody probably told you they’d take a bullet for you,” Sparks said of his time in the military. “I’ve had the honor of serving with many people who have proven they will.”

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