Bupa bills some health insurance customers twice


If you are at Bupa and withdraw your premiums directly, be sure to verify your bank account.

A direct debit default led to 50,000 Bupa customers who pay with their credit cards double billed for their health insurance premiums last week. Bupa apologized for the error, which occurred on June 4, saying all affected customers should have been contacted and reimbursed for their premiums by June 11, 2019.

Although the error should have been corrected yesterday, it is worth opening your banking app, checking online, or visiting a branch to make sure the wrong charges have been waived.

Pay for health insurance with a credit card

While pay your private health insurance using a direct debit from your credit card can be convenient, you should always check if your card provider classifies the health insurance payment as a purchase or as a cash advance. If your card provider classifies rewards as a cash advance, you may want to consider debiting the payment directly from your savings accounts to avoid high cash advance rates.

If you are doing a direct debit of your health insurance premiums, you might also want to see how your current policy compares to that of a health fund that offers discounts to members who do direct debit. While you’re at it, you can double down and look for one that also offers annual payout discounts.

With the end of year Also comes the deadline for those who turned 31 in the last year to purchase hospital coverage or be subject to Lifetime Health Coverage (LHC) loading, many health insurance funds organize promotions in an attempt to win your customers over with the promise of offers on health coverage.

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