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CAMP V, a one-stop-shop for veterans in East Texas, celebrated the opening of its Women’s Center, a place where female veterans, military wives and their children can have a safe space and relax. , Tuesday afternoon.

The nonprofit, also known as Military Personnel and Veterans Helping the Community, hosted a ceremony and open house for its women’s center, “Our Place”.

Michael Cichowicz, executive director of CAMP V, said the renovated home offers children’s space, a business center, a Zen room to relax and an exercise room.

“It’s an incredible day. We’re happy to be here today and to have it available for veterans, for spouses, for dependents. And it’s a safe place, especially for veteran women, military wives and their dependents, ”he said. “It will be a great place to build many relationships.”

He said CAMP V has seen incredible community participation.

During Tuesday’s ceremony, Tyler’s Mayor Don Warren issued a proclamation declaring April 27, 2021 “CAMP V, Our Place Day”.

“I am impressed with the support we receive, not only from veterans service organizations, but only from the general public,” Cichowicz said.

Cichowicz noted that the needs of male and female veterans are different and the women’s center will help meet the needs of all veterans.

“We are inclusive here and we want to be able to meet all the needs of all the veterans and families who have given up so much and sacrificed themselves for us,” he said. “By creating this space, we are creating an opportunity for female veterans to identify Camp V as a place where they feel comfortable and can take on leadership roles.

U.S. Army veteran Ruth Herron, of Tyler, who has been involved with CAMP V for six months, said resources for female veterans were often insufficient and she was excited about the new women’s center.

“I think it’s wonderful what they have to offer. They have someone to help them with their benefits, ”she said. “They have somebody here from the workforce. They have people from Humana. They have a lot of resources that I don’t know about yet. “

Herron said she was grateful for the resources CAMP V provided in the East Texas area. She noted that other places had refused her requests for services in the past.

“It’s a stepping stone in the right direction and I’m glad we got it in Tyler, TX because I’ve never known any other resource we had. Much of it had been there in Dallas, ”she said.

It’s hard to talk about some of the issues veterans face, Herron said, but at CAMP V there are people she and others can talk to.

“At least we have people to talk to here. You feel more comfortable and at ease because people from the same community, like the Armed Forces, share a bond, ”Herron said. “We have a certain bond that we have together because we are not going there as one but as a company.”

She encouraged people to come to Camp V to learn more about the variety of resources.

He added that CAMP V offers mental health, employment and insurance resources in one place through partnerships with the Andrews Center, the Texas Veterans Commission, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Humana. The non-profit organization also offers a beekeeping program.

Cichowicz said CAMP V and the women’s center are places where relationships can be made.

“If you’re looking to come here and just have coffee and talk with someone who understands your point of view and where you’re from, we want to build that camaraderie here,” he said. “And that’s what the women’s center is going to do for female veterans, military wives and their dependents as well.

CAMP V, located at 3212 W. Front Street in Tyler, is open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm. People can visit the women’s center by checking in at the main building.

People can learn more about CAMP V and find their contact details at

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