China claims to have eradicated extreme poverty from 700 million people, reducing global poverty by 70%

China claims to have eliminated the extreme poverty of 700 million people, reducing global poverty by 70%. Photo: Pexel

China claimed to have eliminated extreme poverty in its country on Monday, November 23. If this is true, fulfillment is the cornerstone of the country’s Communist Party policy to reduce inequalities in China, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

“We have ripped out the roots of people’s poverty in one fell swoop,” Communist Party Secretary Cai Hongmin said. Los Angeles Times.

According to the announcement, nine counties in Guizhou Province have been certified poverty-free. This is a decision made by Chinese authorities based on various factors including income, education, health, housing, etc.

The Communist Party set its poverty reduction target in 2011, aiming to achieve it before celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021. The party has spent billions of dollars to achieve this target, $ 20.6 billion. in 2020 alone, the LA Times reported.

Chinese President Xi Jinping told a group of leaders in the Asia-Pacific region that the goal was within reach before the official announcement. He has traveled the country diligently and promoted politics.

The wealth gap in China has been exacerbated between cities and rural areas due to “market-oriented economic policies,” the WSJ reported. The figures show a decrease from 98.99 million people living in poverty in 2012 to zero.

“We make many dreams come true,” Cai said. “The dream of China, the dream of poverty reduction, the dream of happiness for hotel guests, the dream of the villagers of multi-channel income.”

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However, not all poor Chinese agree. Some were frustrated by the forced relocations for new “end poverty” projects. Liu Zhu’an, 39, worked in construction at one of the hotels under construction, which Cai cited as a success story. He said he sees no change in his life.

“What could we do even if we didn’t want to move? Do we have a choice? ” Zhu’an said. “My life is the same. I was a day laborer before, and I am a day laborer now.

“Of course the house is good. But if we can’t find a job, it will be difficult here, ”a relocated resident, who gave only his last name, Yuan, told the LA Times.

The People’s Daily said that if the government actually achieved its goal, it would be “a Chinese miracle in human history.”

Chinese officials also said the nation was responsible for 70% of global poverty reduction, citing 700 million people lifted out of society.

Critics, however, believe the marker the Chinese have set for its poverty standards is not high enough. The uniform standard of $ 2,000 per year is not enforced in China, according to a World Bank report.

“Below these rates, poverty in China is still significant and deserves renewed efforts as well as further refinement of the country’s poverty reduction policies, strategies and programs,” the report said.

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