City DDA will work with the Hometown Heroes banner program

CHEBOYGAN – The Cheboygan Town Center Development Authority will work with an organization to honor local veterans, City Manager Dan Sabolsky said late last month.

In September, city council heard a presentation from Abby Cherry regarding a Hometown Heroes exhibit that could potentially be set up in the town of Cheboygan. Cherry is originally from Sault Ste. Marie, in the Upper Peninsula. She was a municipal commissioner in Sault Ste. Marie, and worked for a non-profit organization, which started the Hometown Heroes project.

The Council agreed to create a contract with the group at this meeting, to honor the local Cheboygan veterans with these banners.

“I think this deal shouldn’t be between the city and the Hometown Heroes group, Sabolsky said. “I think it should be with the DDA and the folks at Hometown Heroes. I think what we need to do is send a letter of support to the DDA saying, ‘Hey look, we’re in favor of this, go ahead and keep going. ‘”

Project Hometown Heroes – as presented to council in September – would place banners in different areas, with photos and names of local veterans with a code that people can scan with their smartphones.

to know everything about the person and his personal history. This gives community members and visitors the opportunity to learn more about the untold stories of these veterans.

Following:Hometown Heroes Presents to Honor Cheboygan Region Veterans

It also helps bridge the generation gap, helping the younger ones discover those who sacrificed themselves for the country.

In September, the plans included banners around the Veterans Memorial Park on Court Street, as well as in several other key areas of the city. It would cost the city nothing and there are several options with regard to the contract for the banners, starting with a two-year commitment.

Abby Cherry attended the Cheboygan City Council meeting on September 28 to discuss the potential to bring the Hometown Heroes Project to the town of Cheboygan, to honor local veterans by telling their stories and posting their photos in the neighborhoods from the city.

Several other communities in northern Michigan have these banners displayed in their downtown areas, including Sault Ste. Marie, Rudyard, Saint-Ignace and Pickford. City of Cheboygan Main Street-Downtown Development Authority Acting Director Katie Duczkowski and Phil Oppenheiser – a member of the local VFW Post – both expressed support for the city’s program at the September 28 meeting. from last year.

Sabolsky said at the last city council meeting that he and Duczkowski were working on the deal between the city and the Hometown Heroes group.

“Because realistically we don’t own these telephone poles and things along that line. So it’s kinda hard for us to do a deal and say hey, yeah sure you can put them on those phone poles that we don’t have. t clean, ”Sabolsky said.

Sabolsky felt that it was best for the city’s DDA group to work with the Hometown Heroes group, as the DDA was tasked with beautifying the city center as it is. Therefore, it was more appropriate for this group to work with the for-profit organization that gives back to local communities through the program, as well as in partnership with local veterans organizations in the communities that display its banners.

More information about the Hometown Heroes Banner Program can be found at The high quality and weather resistant banners can also be purchased from this website by clicking on the Cheboygan link.

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