Columbus Veterans Museum honors Military Child Month



COLUMBUS (WCMH) – In 1986, the Department of Defense designated April as Military Child Month to honor the sacrifices and challenges that many military families have overcome.

The National Veterans’ Memorial and Museum (NVMM) has chosen the last week of April as “Military Child Week”.

For each guest who wears purple or mentions Military Child Week, the museum will grant one free youth entry ticket with each adult ticket purchased for up to three children.

Purple is the color the Department of Defense has chosen to symbolize the month of the military child.

“So if you combine all the colors from each of the military branches, green for the military, blue for the air force and navy, red for the Marines, and blue for the Coast Guard, you get purple, ”said Col. Bill Butler. (Retired), chief of staff of the NVMM.

Purple is also a color that represents unity in the joint nature of warfare.

“And all the branches that conduct our military operations, purple is the color or the joint force,” Butler said.

Butler is currently retired from service and is now Chief of Staff at NVMM.

“I was in the military for 27 years on active service in the military, and my kids moved 11 times,” Butler said. “It’s 11 different communities, 11 different schools, 11 different times when they should make new friends and step into a community with both feet.”

He understands the hardships military children endure when a parent is deployed overseas and the importance of honoring those children this week at the museum.

“For 20 years, we have been waging the war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, so with an entirely voluntary force, you have these men and women who are soldiers who are deployed back to back. back, ”Butler said.

This makes military parents absent for many family events at home.

“These families endure while the spouse has to be a single parent and raise the children and, of course, the children have to deal with the worry that one of their parents is deployed and in danger,” Butler said.

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