Community redesigns parking lot at Veterans Memorial Museum


LAUREL, Mississippi (WDAM) – Thanks to the generosity of a business owner and a local biker club, the Laurel Veterans Memorial Museum now has a redeveloped parking lot.

“It was something that we needed because people would park wherever they could, you know,” said Larry Callahan, president of the Veterans Memorial Museum.

“We did fundraisers to raise money to help do things like this, and we thought we needed to do something here locally,” said Mike Garris, director of the American Legion Riders Post. 11.

Garris said the organization initially contacted Bobby Barber of Barber Striping for a quote on the parking lot redevelopment.

“I went to review it and after reviewing it I decided to give it away in honor of our veterans, and asked the American Legion Cavaliers to help me prepare it,” Barber said.

“He said he would provide everything if we came to do the job with him,” Garris said.

Together, they redesigned the parking area and included parking spaces specifically for veterans.

“We decided to add three veterans parking spaces, and we made the letters red, white, and blue, and we also made three disabled veterans parking spaces in red, white, and blue, and we added two Purple Heart parking spaces, ”Garris mentioned.

“It means something to veterans, even though it is a veterans memorial museum, that they have a specific place to park, as well as disabled veterans and recipients. from Purple Heart as well, ”Callahan said.

Garris and Barber are also veterans. They say it is important to support the community and the veterans.

“I think it’s important that we keep our history alive, that our children understand the sacrifices that have been made and that our citizens, you know, that we support and honor those who make such a great sacrifice so that we can enjoy. of the freedom we have. “said Barber.

“For me, it’s not about us. It’s about doing things for the veterans, and it was just something we could do and be a part of, ”said Garris.

Dixie Golf Club also helped by helping to prepare the parking lot.

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