Department of Veterans Affairs Hosts Operation Desert Storm 30th Anniversary Event | WNTZ



BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – The Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs hosted the 30th anniversary commemoration of the Desert Storm in honor of all veterans who served. Operation Desert Storm was the first major foreign crisis for the United States after the end of the Cold War that began on January 17, 1991, in the form of a 42-day US-led air offensive. .

“Desert Storm veterans have defeated one of the greatest armies in the world overwhelmingly in less than a month and a half, which is quite an achievement. The impacts of this war showed our adversaries that they could not compete with us in conventional warfare and reshaped the way our adversaries see us today, ”said Major General Keith Waddell.

Veteran Arnold Gregoire has said he entered the war when he was young and would go back and do it all over again.

“When they call you to do your duty, you do it. Do your best because at the end of the day you can say “I did my best,” said Grégoire.

Over 600,000 American soldiers took part in the war, nearly 300 lost their lives; Gregory said it’s up to veterans left behind to keep their memories alive.

“100% gave their lives, 50% came back to tell the story, so the heroes are the ones sitting in the cemetery,” said Grégoire.

For many of these veterans, remembrance meant seeing old faces they hadn’t seen for 30 years. Each Veteran was individually honored for their service with a commemorative coin.


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