Department of Veterans Affairs revamps insurance programs


Washington DC-The Department of Veterans Affairs has reorganized its VA insurance service.

Daniel J. Keenagan, secretary general of the Department of Veterans Insurance, shared some ideas on further modernizing the VA insurance programs available.

“It’s important because the previous program had an enrollment deadline and we weren’t aware that some veterans could get this life insurance during the transition, so we’re really meeting their needs. I want to be able to do it, ”Keenagan said.

The VA insurance program differs from private life insurance policies in that it is specifically designed to meet the life insurance needs of military personnel and veterans. Life insurance for veterans groups has the advantage of being able to maintain life insurance coverage even after a person has left the military.

There is also a program for current military personnel. For service members, VA offers automated life insurance available worldwide for a competitive price of $ 24 per month.

“This provides consistent service and up to $ 400,000 in compensation for those who are currently on duty. We are based on a mathematical model which can be financially sound. We have a great team of actuaries to make those decisions, and they do such a good job that we were able to increase the price of veterans group life insurance a bit this year, but in April. From the 1stNOT., Group life insurance rates for veterans are the lowest ever for all age groups, ”Keenagan said.

Below is a step-by-step process for current veterans and military personnel to register.


1.) If you want to apply Check it out For a list of all available insurance programs.

2.) Group Life Insurance (SGLI) for Military –
“”Group Service Member Life Insurance (SGLI) provides low-cost term coverage to eligible service members. If you are a member of the service who meets certain conditions, you will be automatically registered. According to, you will learn how to verify your eligibility and manage SGLI coverage. here For more information. The covid-19 pandemic has extended the application deadline.

3.)Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) –
“Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) can allow you to maintain your life insurance coverage as long as you continue to pay premiums after leaving the military. Whether you are eligible for VGLI and your coverage Find out how to manage it… ”, according to here For more information. The covid-19 pandemic has extended the application deadline.
If you want to apply here.

Four.) Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI) –
“TSGLI (also known as Military Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection) provides short-term financial support to help qualified service members recover from serious injuries. It is covered by SGLI and is covered by SGLI. If you experience trauma during your military service, will show you how to file a TSGLI claim or challenge past decisions. here For more information.

Five.) Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) for Family Services Members-
“Family SGLI, also known as Family Service Membership Group Life (FSGLI), covers spouses and dependents of service members covered by full-time SGLI. And check how to apply and manage your interests ”, explains here For more information.

6.) Life insurance for disabled veterans in service (S-DVI) –
“Veterans with Service Disability Life Insurance (S-DVI) provides low-cost coverage to qualified service members. If you have a service-related disability, apply for S-DVI online or by mail. Discover the method ”, explains Va.Government visit here For more information.

7.) Mortgage Life Insurance for Veterans (VMLI) –
“Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) provides mortgage protection insurance to families of service-related severely disabled veterans. According to here For more information.

For a list of other VA programs, please visit: here.

The Department of Veterans Affairs also released a new life insurance program known as Veterans Life Insurance (VALI) on January 1, 2023. The program offers up to 40% whole life insurance. $ 000. VALI is accessible to all veterans connected to services under the age of 81.

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