DVIDS – News – Nevada National Guard Hosts First Suicide Prevention Forum with Nevada Department of Veterans Services

The Nevada National Guard and the Nevada Department of Veterans Services (NDVS) hosted their first Suicide Prevention Forum on World Suicide Prevention Day at the Santa Fe Station Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed a proclamation declaring September 10, 2022 as Nevada National Guard Suicide Prevention Day.

The forum consisted of a keynote address by Dr. Todd Burnett, senior consultant for the Office of Suicide Prevention for the Veterans Affairs Bureau, and breakout sessions presented by current rangers, veterans, and civilians involved in the community. military who are all experts in their field.

Suicide is the 12th leading cause of death in the United States, with the Guardsmen surpassing all other military components with 35.3 suicides per 100,000 Soldiers and Airmen. 2nd Lt. Nevada State R3SP Coordinator Jezalea Segura thinks the forum is another way to engage everyone in an impactful experience over the annual briefs.

“Events don’t happen enough in the Guard where all units can come into an area and talk,” Segura said. “This event brought everyone together for a cause that concerns your health and well-being. It’s a fun event where people from other units can get together and share their experiences and even share their contacts for help.

The forum didn’t just look closely at suicide from the perspective of mental illness, it delved deeper into this topic by looking at the stressors that influence a member’s readiness. Sara Hogue is the Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the NDVS. Hogue says suicide is a public health issue and it’s important to talk about it from all angles.

“We look at all the stressors that affect a soldier, an airman, a family member, Hogue said. “We watch everyone and talk about all these different topics: caregiving, finances, connectivity, they all impact someone’s preparedness. And that’s why it’s so important today because suicide is everybody’s business. It is a public health problem. »

The eight courses that were presented that covered different topics around health and wellness to prevent suicide were: Incorporating the CDC 7 Suicide Strategies, Family and Caregiver Resilience, Operation Mission Ready (Work & Life Balance), Connectiveness Matters, Financial Health, What Are Healthy Behaviors and Why They Should Matter, Immortal Guardian, Relationship and Spiritual Resilience.

The NDVS hopes to bring this forum to life each year and bring it to Northern Nevada. Hogue wants all participants to apply the lessons learned at the forum to their daily lives so that these conversations can spread and affect other lives.

“What you are going through today you can share with other soldiers, airmen and families in your community by learning from and living the lessons and experience you are going through today,” Hogue said. “So don’t just take knowledge and say, ‘I went to an event today and I learned a bunch of stuff,’ but actually apply it to your life. I think it’s is the best way to share this information.

Date taken: 09.10.2022
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