evTS Obtains FireFly(R) ESV Multi-Unit Order for Deployment to US Veterans Hospital

US Veterans Affairs operates more than 175 hospitals and 1,700 health care facilities nationwide

BOSTON, MA/ACCESSWIRE/March 23, 2022/ ev Transport Services Inc. (“evTS”), an electric vehicle manufacturer focused on the essential services and urban e-mobility markets, today announced that it has secured an initial purchase order for FireFly® ESV vehicles from American veterinary works (AVW), a federal procurement specialist focused on deploying its products in the US Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital system.

As part of the VA’s growing sustainability and electrification efforts, the order represents an initial transition of the VA hospital network to the use of highway-capable electric vehicles for intra-campus mail delivery applications. and general supply in place of the low-speed gasoline vehicles used today. The hospital is part of the Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network, a regional group of seven veterans’ hospitals focused on coordinating patient care and improving health care outcomes. The Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network is one of 23 Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) networks across the United States, which collectively include more than 175 VA hospitals.

AVW is a woman-owned, SBA-certified small business and Federal Awards Management System (SAM 7MSLI) registered bidder specializing in local and national procurement services for the United States Military and Veterans Administration . The vehicles are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2022, configured for delivery operations.

“This initial multi-unit order marks the beginning of what we believe will be a successful, long-term partnership with American Vet Works and the VA, said David Solomont, President and CEO of evTS. “Earlier this year, evTS and AVW hosted a demonstration for many local VA administrators and leaders, and several mid-Atlantic VISN facilities expressed significant interest. We have also received interest from several other regional VISN groups with several demonstrations planned for this spring at VISN organizations in the Midwest and South.

“With over 1,700 VA healthcare facilities located in the United States and Puerto Rico, we look forward to expanding our relationship by demonstrating the features, benefits and configurability of the Pure-Electric FireFly to VA hospitals across the country. We would also like to thank our partners at American Vet Works for their assistance in securing this incredible opportunity,” concluded Solomont.

Sheri Stevens, Founder of American Vet Works, added, “The Veterans Administration is an early adopter of next-generation technology to improve the lives of our veterans. We were proud to have helped find and acquire such a dynamic and modular electrified vehicle as the evTS FireFly ESV to meet diverse AV needs. New federal government incentives for fleet vehicle electrification have increased interest in electric vehicles, and the FireFly is a flexible and highly customizable commercial utility electric vehicle with application-specific rear bed options that meet many of their unique requirements.

About EVTS

ev Transportation Services Inc. (“evTS”) is a specialty vehicle manufacturer that produces purely electric light-duty vehicles and provides fleet management solutions. Founded in 2015, the Boston-based company’s flagship product, the FireFly ESV is aimed at the essential transportation and urban electric mobility service markets, which represent an annual national replacement market of approximately 400,000 vehicles, or about 10 billions of dollars a year. End-user applications for the company’s vehicles include parking management, perimeter security and patrol, park and sidewalk maintenance, utility meter reading, property and building management, airports, seaports, sanitation, college and corporate campuses, and last-mile on-demand urban delivery. For more information, visit the Company’s website at www.evTS.com.

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