Facebook briefly posts Representative Richard Hudson’s post about US military equipment lost to Taliban


Facebook and Instagram briefly reported on Wednesday from a North Carolina congressman containing a graphic showing a breakdown of the inventory of U.S. military equipment lost to the Taliban in their takeover of Afghanistan, which they claimed contained “false information”.

The move to censor the post of Republican Representative Richard Hudson came amid reports that the Biden administration was also cleaning up online reports detailing the equipment the U.S. military provided to Afghan security forces throughout. war, some of which was seized by the Taliban. .

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, then removed its flag from the posts, but Greg Steele, a spokesperson for the lawmaker, said their actions by social media sites are cause for concern.

“Joe Biden has promised the most transparent administration in history, but would apparently try to clean up information about his catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the equipment left behind,” Steele said. “My fear is that Facebook is also trying to hide the truth from people, but I’m glad they fixed the mislabelling.”

The chart released by Mr Hudson was originally published by The Sunday Times and details the number and types of equipment seized by the Taliban.

Mr. Hudson accompanied the graph with a brief comment which read:

“In addition to the thousands of Americans and allies left in Afghanistan, President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal also left billions of dollars in military equipment – paid for by American taxpayers – in the hands of the brutal Taliban regime. Thanks to President Biden, the Taliban now have more Black Hawk helicopters than 85% of countries in the world. It’s a shame.”

On Tuesday, the Washington Post verified specific allegations regarding the total dollar value of the equipment that was handed over. In total, the United States provided more than $ 80 billion in materiel and training to the Afghan war efforts, but only a relatively small fraction of that total consisted of weapons, helicopters, vehicles and equipment abandoned by US troops in the hasty evacuation last month.

However, the Post did not specifically challenge the inventory that was handed over, while stressing that some equipment may be “obsolete or destroyed – or may soon no longer be usable.” Mr. Hudson’s original message did not include a dollar figure.

“While fact-checkers have disputed the exact dollar amount of equipment left in Afghanistan (estimated at $ 24 billion of our total investment of $ 82.9 billion in Afghanistan), there is no dispute on the inventory of vehicles, weapons and planes that US taxpayers have sent to Afghanistan over the past two decades, ”Mr. Hudson said after Facebook reported the post.

“These figures were compiled by the US government’s accounting office and the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction. To censor these facts is ridiculous! he said.

Facebook did not explain to Mr. Hudson’s office why the post was originally reported and why the flag was removed. The company did not respond to the Washington Times’ request for comment.

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