GIT Wins $45M Enterprise Security Architecture Contract from VA

Kamal Narang, GDI

General Dynamics Information Technology was awarded the $45 million enterprise security architecture contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The contract, which was awarded in September 2021, has a base period of 9 months and four option years.

As a provider of cybersecurity and zero-trust solutions, GIT under the contract will support VA’s business and IT modernization initiatives by integrating new and emerging cybersecurity technologies.

Services will include implementing a Zero Trust security architecture that meets national security standards established in the Presidential Cybersecurity Executive Order, and a robust DevSecOps approach to modernize, secure, and accelerate software delivery.

“Securing the VA infrastructure is critical to providing better care to our veterans, said Kamal Narang, GDIT Vice President and Chief Federal Health Officer. “By implementing zero-trust tools, VA will be able to address an evolving threat landscape, protect patient privacy, and improve the veteran experience.”

Every year, the increasing use of the Internet and 5G-enabled medical devices and telehealth services expands the reach of patient care. GDI will also work with VA to enable and securely connect these technologies while protecting patient information.

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