Governor Murphy takes action on legislation

TRENTON – Today Governor Murphy enacted the following bills:

A-5121 / S-3287 (Coughlin, Zwicker, Karabinchak / Singleton, Smith) – Concerns the supply of energy to certain manufacturing facilities by granting exemptions from certain energy-related taxes

A-5849 / S-3918 (Carter, Tucker, Vainieri Huttle / Lagana, Turner) – Demands that the DMVA Adjutant General send weekly reports to the DOH Commissioner on the state of veterans’ homes in the state during each future public health emergency; requires such reports until December 31, 2021

A-5850 / S-3906 (Armato, Mazzeo, Conaway / Gopal, Lagana) – Requires DMVA Veterans Memorial Houses to hold quarterly meetings with Veterans Guardians

A-5851 / S-3905 (Swain, Tully, Freiman / Gopal, Lagana) – Allows the Guardian of the Veteran to remove the Veteran from the AVD Veterans Memorial under certain emergency circumstances

A-5852 / S-3904 (Houghtaling, Johnson, Chaparro / Gopal, Lagana) – Requires DMVA Veterans Memorial Homes to communicate with Guardians of Veterans through at least two communication channels

A-5853 / S-3903 (Danielsen, Mejia, Jimenez / Diegnan, Vitale) – Requires the Administrator and Deputy Administrator of the State Veterans Memorial Home to have prior clinical work experience

A-5854 / S-3907 (Mazzeo, Armato, Chaparro / Gopal, Lagana) – Requires the position of Resident Advocate at each State Veterans Memorial Home

A-5855 / S-3908 (Tucker, Speight, Vainieri Huttle / Cruz-Perez) – Requires DMVA veterans facilities to provide payroll based log information to NJ Long Term Care Ombudsman

A-5856 / S-3909 (Zwicker, Jimenez, Conaway / Vitale, Diegnan) – Requires the Director of the Veterans Health Care Services Division of the VADD to have prior clinical and long-term care experience

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