Hope Valley is a personal mission for the people of Newark

NEWARK, Ohio – Hope Valley is a mental health and wellness retreat center offering different treatments through its vision statement, “Helping Others Through Personal Experiences.”

For founder Jamie Clouse and executive director Violet Queen, the effort is a leap of faith, but they use their life experiences to help connect with visitors to the nonprofit.

What do you want to know

  • Hope Valley is a mental health and wellness retreat center offering different treatments
  • Founder Jamie Clouse and executive director Violet Queen started the nonprofit last year
  • The establishment has served more than 170 people
  • Clouse and Queen said it was all about human connection

Clouse said she wants to help others with similar difficulties she has faced.

“We have a child with special needs and for the past 12 years we have had a lot of difficulties. And so I just found out that, you know, what’s my purpose for all this struggle?” Clouse said. “By sharing our personal experiences, I just realized how much we can connect with others.”

Queen overcame a childhood surrounded by drug use.

But she found success for a decade in banking and is a certified life coach.

Her life path changed forever when she was approached by Clouse with the idea of ​​creating Hope Valley.

“We have people just coming in here and saying I’m having a hard time,” Queen said. “We pair them with someone who’s been through the same thing as them. But then they can use this beautiful property to discuss situations.”

Since opening last year, the 48-acre Hope Valley property, previously owned by Newark businessman Dave Longaberger, has served more than 170 people.

Anyone from teenagers, victims of human trafficking, military veterans are welcome, as are corporate retirees and corporate CEOs.

Clouse and Queen both said it’s about human connection and making sure healing happens for both individuals and families.

“We are not therapists, we are not doctors, but we are human. We are all human, Clouse said. “We can connect and we can inspire hope. I named it Hope Valley because it means helping others through personal experiences. And I think that means a lot to a lot of people.”

Hope Valley is made possible by donations from the local Newark and Fairfield County community.

The association is located at 4560 Gratiot Road in Newark.

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