House of Heroes CT helps current US Army Reserve captain in Manchester – NBC Connecticut

At the service of those who serve our country. House of Heroes Connecticut does just that statewide by providing free in-home repairs to military veterans.

From garden work to painting and everything in between, it was a busy Saturday morning in a Manchester neighborhood.

“To give back. It’s really the least we can do,” said a UConn volunteer.

The nonprofit has partnered with Pratt & Whitney employees and their children to help Nicodeme Sohahongkombe, a veteran who served in Afghanistan for six years from 2012 to 2018. Today, he is a captain in the army reserve.

“As for the military, if I have to do it again, I will do it again. It’s the best country,” Sohahongkombet said.

Nicodeme started his life in the United States in 2003 to continue his studies. At 38, he holds a doctorate in health administration from Northcentral University. He is also the regional director of CVS and the father of six children.

As volunteers gave back to him, he says his dream is to one day give back to his home country in the Central African Republic by building a model American hospital.

“People need this help. We are so blessed here. People need this extra help,” Sohahongkombet said.

Bloomfield, Windsor and Hartford were also home to similar House of Heroes projects. Those helping out in Manchester were also veterans, with one serving 10 years in the Connecticut National Guard. Another had a loved one served.

“I’m the daughter of a Navy veteran, so it was instilled in me from the start to always make sure I give back to a community that gives you so much,” said Rachael Witkege, president of Pratt & Whitney. RTX Veterinarians.

To date, House of Heroes CT has served 184 veterans statewide. With each project, the volunteers say they are proud to support veterinarians who are as generous and disinterested as each other.

“The idea is to come in and in one day give them a boost, give them the kind of help they need so they can live their lives safely and comfortably,” said consultant Dennis Buden. Main of House of Heroes CT.

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