Jacksonville City Council Republicans ‘close ranks’ around Nick Howland in special election


Before the qualification deadline Friday, the Nick howland The campaign showed the good faith of its establishment, by deploying the endorsements of Republican members of the Jacksonville city council.

Howland is one of three Republicans who have applied for the special election for the open seat of At Large 3, to serve the unexpired term of the former city councilor. Tommy Hazouri. Latest endorsements appear to be a sign for Republicans John barnes and Howland “Hi” Russell before the Friday qualifying deadline.

“Nick’s commitment to the citizens of Jacksonville is unwavering and we share a common vision of economic growth, better educational opportunities and safer streets,” said the vice president Terrance Freeman. “Nick campaigned for me in my election, and I will campaign for him in his. I strongly encourage my Conservative colleagues to join me in supporting Nick Howland! “

Nick served Jacksonville for over a decade, first with me on the board of directors of the First Coast Manufacturers Association, then on the city’s environmental protection board, and finally as an appointee to the charter review board, “said the former chairman of the board. Aaron Bowman. “Now at The Fire Watch, Nick is working day and night to reduce suicides among the 150,000 military veterans in Northeast Florida. Nick is a Navy veteran himself. It will be great to have a comrade on the city council!

member of the board Kevin carrico was equally enthusiastic in his approval.

“Although Nick is new to politics, he has served our community for decades,” Carrico said. “He was a US Navy officer in the 1990s and now serves Jacksonville veterans in all branches with innovative new suicide prevention programs for veterans. We need more people like Nick on city council.

Board Member Rory Diamond added: “After twenty years as a senior executive in making bulletproof vests and life rafts for our fighters, he now partners with other veterans organizations. of Northeast Florida to launch an innovative suicide prevention program for our veterans. We need strong business, veteran and community advocates like Nick on City Council. I am proud to support Nick Howland for At Large Group 3. ”

“Nick has spent his career making protective products for the military and first responders, including as an executive at Armor Holdings, now Safariland, here in Jacksonville,” added a board member. Randy Blanc. “As a retired first responder, I know Nick is committed to ensuring public safety and making our streets safer for families in Jacksonville. “

These five endorsers join US Rep. John rutherford and State Rep. Wyman Duggan by supporting Howland, who wins the Endorsement Derby. However, this is not an exclusion. Barnes, who is on the Soil and Water Council, has already touted a key endorsement, the former mayor John delaney who offered his nod to Barnes when he dropped off.

The dynamic between the three Republicans in the race could be worth watching ahead of the first election on December 7, which will reduce the expected number from five to two.

Two Democrats have filed their cases and both have already qualified.

Democrat Tracy polson is the choice of establishment Democrats such as Sen. Audrey Gibson, Rep. Tracie davis and Angie nixon, and mayoral candidate expected in 2023 Donna Deegan. She was endorsed by Ruth’s List and will see the majority of left support as long as she is in the race.

Polson, embracing Hazouri heritage as a candidate, said the general seat was a “Democratic seat. “She won’t have the Democratic way for herself, even though she will dominate the fundraising battle on the left.

James “Coach” Jacobs was the first to qualify, according to records from the Duval County Election Supervisor.

Jacobs was the only candidate on the ground to run for the seat before Hazouri’s death, when it was due to open in 2023. He’s not a major fundraiser historically or currently, with less than $ 1,000 raised.

Of note: Jacobs challenged Hazouri in 2019, during the former mayor’s last campaign, forcing the struggling candidate to run for the general election against a Republican challenger because Hazouri was unable to erase 50% in the first election.

If no candidate wins a majority in December, the top two will go through the general election on February 22, regardless of party. Two Republicans could come out of the first election, or two Democrats, or one candidate from each party.

All running candidates must live in the At Large 3 group, but voters can vote for whoever they want in both elections. There are no closed one-party primaries during the two elections.

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