Jason Whitlock canceled for chatting about loss of John Legend’s baby

Jason Whitlock canceled for gossip about loss of John Legend’s baby Photo: Chrissy Teigen / John Legend image – Instagram

Singer John legendChrissy Teigen, wife, model and cookbook author, is known to be a major social media influencer and for sharing her life online.

When the couple shared online that they tragically lost a son due to pregnancy complications, it seemed normal to their followers. Some said it was inspiring and relatable. Others thought it was over-sharing.

One of the latter was sports journalist Jason Whitlock. He tweeted: “I don’t understand this nor social media. Who takes a photo of their deepest pain and then shares it with strangers? Do other women / parents want a reminder of their deepest pain, the loss of a child? Is it all just social media content? Help me to understand. @ScoonTv »

Whitlock, former columnist for the Kansas City Star, AOL Sports and Foxsports.com, is a sports writer for Outkick the Coverage.

Michael Harriot retorted that Whitlock himself had done the same – basically undoing Whitlock. In 2013, Whitlock published his father’s obituary. He tweeted a response to Whitlock, “You wanna know how hypocrite that nigga is? Literally the only thing I ever loved that Jason Whitlock did was once he took his deepest pain and shared it with strangers. To be fair, her Twitter account might be set to “AutoCoon”

Harriot is a writer and podcaster. In 2013, he started hosting the podcast “The Black One”.

Almost immediately after the loss of her third child, Teigen, 34, posted a black and white photo on Twitter and Instagram of herself sitting in a hospital bed with her hands clasped in a prayer position, apparently in tears. In another Instagram photo, she was holding her baby while she was in a hospital bed as Legend kissed her shoulder. Together, it has 44 million subscribers on the platforms.

Teigen isn’t the only celebrity speaking pregnancy loss. Former first lady Michelle obama, singers Beyoncé and Celine Dion, as well as actresses Brooke Shields and Kirstie Alley have done so too.

“Such disclosures resonated with women in the United States, where pregnancy discrimination is widespread, and organizations that provide family planning or abortion services are often targeted by conservative officials, and miscarriages are still widely spoken of in a low voice ”, The New York Times reported.

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It is believed that Teigen was roughly halfway through her pregnancy. Earlier this week on Instagram, it was reported that she was hospitalized due to excessive bleeding from her placenta.

“What no one is telling you is that miscarriages happen all the time, to more women than you might think, given the relative silence that surrounds it,” Obama wrote in “To become“, Her memoir from 2018.” I only learned this after I mentioned that I had miscarried to a few friends, who responded by filling me with love and support as well as their own false stories. layer.

Teigen and Legend have a daughter, Luna, 4, and a son, Miles, 2.

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