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FCW Insider: July 20, 2021

Data Trust and Connectivity Challenge Army Network Innovators

The military is taking inspiration from blockchain to help make battlefield data more reliable for commanders.

TurboTax maker Intuit to quit free tax filing partnership with IRS

The company’s decision casts doubt on the future of the Free File program, which was created as an alternative to the IRS’s free tax filing system.

Lawmakers balk at cost overruns and transparency issues with VA’s $ 21 billion health records program

At a Senate hearing last week, Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough noted gaps in training, including the lack of a real system available to clinicians before the go-live date of a new integrated healthcare software system.

Quick shots

*** Laurie Locascio, vice president of research at the University of Maryland, was appointed by the Biden administration to lead the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Locascio is a NIST veteran, having served at the agency in a number of roles, including as Acting Senior Deputy Director and Associate Director for Laboratory Programs.

*** Margie Graves, formerly Deputy Federal DPI and Interim Federal DPI, joins the IBM Center for Government Affairs as a Principal Investigator and will serve as a digital strategist for IBM’s Federal Services team.

*** ITI, a leading technology trade association, has proposed a model policy on what a cybersecurity reporting regime should look like when it comes to private companies disclosing breaches and other incidents to the federal government. The group is looking for a single point of contact for reporting cyber incidents, a single set of reporting requirements instead of a patchwork approach based on industry and other factors, as well as assurance that information disclosed voluntarily. by companies will not be shared. under the Freedom of Information Act.

*** A report from Government Accountability Office recommends better coordination between Federal Communications Commission and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on spectrum allocation in the private and public sectors to avoid radio interference and better resolve policy issues.

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