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Keith Famie and his team at Visionalist Entertainment Productions filmed the documentary “Detroit: City of Hot Rods and Muscle Cars” on the Woodward Dream Cruise with Vietnam Veterans on August 20.

The new film that will capture the history of Detroit’s automotive culture, currently in production by Famie and his team, has accelerated filming during the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise.

The two-hour documentary film is a historic tribute to Detroit’s founding in automation and its evolution, tracking the original enthusiast, early shade tree mechanics and car collectors. The love of steel and speed transcends generations and also defies the constraints of gender and origin. The documentary is a celebration of Detroit’s unique hot rod and muscle car community and how Motor City’s iron has circled the globe and shaped global culture, according to a press release.

Through this segment, the film introduced the Woodward Dream Cruise which will take audiences back in time on what it was like to sail Woodward in the 60s and 70s and today. Historic State Police coordinated the ten-car procession led by a 1965 Ford State Police cruiser escort with 20-year-old Troy of Rainbow Connection. Troy was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in June 2021.

The scene filmed on August 20 is part of a larger story in the context of the documentary about the importance of Vietnam veterans’ love of hot rods and muscle cars.

The main focus of this procession is Perry Smith’s 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible with three Vietnam veterans inside: Douglas Broquet, Robert Middleton and Purple Heart recipient David Gurtowsky. To stay in tune with the music of the 60s and 70s that inspired car culture so much, well-known drummer Johnny “Bee” Badanjek played a drum solo of “Radar Love” in the back of a Hot Rod pickup truck. .

A group of Vietnam veterans on Woodward Avenue waved as the motorcade passed, including Paul Palazzolo, Mike Sand, Gary Hansen, Jim Suhay and Ray Nadolski.

“Our Vietnamese generation grew up with fathers who returned from World War II with a new love and passion for taking 1932 Ford flatheads and turning them into hot rods,” Famie said.

“This exhibit provided a natural transition for young Vietnam veterans who grew up with their fathers to embrace their love and passion for the muscle car as well as the hot rod.”

The film will feature many familiar faces both nationally and locally from Detroit to Los Angeles and several places in between. The film will premiere in June 2023 at the Henry Ford Museum in support of five Michigan children’s charities ahead of its launch on Detroit Public Television/PBS and it will also premiere in Los Angeles.

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