Labor Day 2022: Mark the end of summer with a block party in Wildwood

WILDWOOD, NJ (WPVI) — Labor Day weekend is in full swing on the Jersey Shore, and families are enjoying every second.

People marked the end of the summer season with a block party at Fox Park in Wildwood, with concerts all afternoon until evening.

For locals, Labor Day always ushers in the beloved offseason.

“I have mixed emotions. I love crowds and I love seeing them go too,” Wildwood’s Josephine Denning said.

People walked around and grabbed some food from the food trucks.

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“Ribeye cheesesteak. Awesome. I know you want one!” boasted Douglas Hiis of Milltown, NJ, taking a bite of his sandwich.

The folks at mobile catering company Ribeyes celebrate the end of a busy summer. They are also preparing to move into some fall festivals.

“It’s been great this summer. It’s been really good. We’re doing really well. And it’s weekend work, so it’s great,” said Ribeyes co-owner Rich Hans.

The event was free, but Vietnam Veterans collected donations at the entrances to help fund the upkeep of the Wildwood Veterans Memorial Wall.

The kids bounced around, did crafts and had henna art on their arms, having fun before school started.

“I start on Thursday,” Wildwood’s Areth Palacios said, anxious to start sixth grade.

On the beach, people were soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm water.

Nine-month-old Christian enjoyed his first trip to the ocean as Allan Gonzalez dipped his toes in it.

“He seemed to enjoy it, so that’s always a good thing,” Gonzalez said.

And it was surfing for 10-year-old Jacob Callahan and his brother Ben, of Audubon, NJ

“When you catch a wave, you go really fast and you have the wind in your hair,” Callahan said. “That’s really nice.”

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