Letter to the Editor: VA Decision Deprives Togus Patients of Needed Services

I am a 100% disabled veteran with a spinal cord injury. I have been going to Togus Veterans Affairs Hospital for over 20 years for my health care. My treatments have included physiotherapy, strength training and swimming.

Since the start of the pandemic, the VA has closed and emptied the pool and locked the door to the gymnasium. Since then I have suffered a massive loss of strength and balance.

I asked several times when these resources would be available again. I was told there were no plans to reopen to VA patients either. On my last appointment I was informed that the gym is and has been open to employees.

The VA is not there to provide perks to its staff. They are meant to help and assist veterinarians on their path to recovery. Please call Togus and your State Representatives and Senators and demand that patients be allowed to use patient facilities.

Richard Rideout

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