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An arrest was made in the graffiti vandalism of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Elmhurst, City Councilor Bob Holden (D-Middle Village) said Thursday evening.

Police did not immediately respond to requests for confirmation on Friday morning.

Speaking on WABC Radio’s “Rita Cosby Show”, Holden said the suspect was a man from Elmhurst whom police were watching because of distinctive features in his graffiti.

The Elmhurst Park memorial has been disfigured with messages such as ‘baby killers’ and ‘God fears —‘, as well as swastikas and the numbers 110. The location is in the 110th district. The damage was discovered on Wednesday.

Holden said the alleged perpetrator also vandalized Hoffmann Park, located at the corner of Queens and Woodhaven Boulevard.

He lamented the graffiti and said he had never seen such political vandalism in the area before. Holden grew up on the Middle Village-Maspeth border and was a long-time civic leader before winning his seat on the Council.

He also noted that a statue of the Virgin Mary had been smashed at St. Adalbert Roman Catholic Church in Elmhurst in recent days, pointing out that the sculpture is not directly across the street, which the author must have done. everything possible to damage it. The church is located a few blocks from the Veterans Memorial.

He said he spoke with Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz about the graffiti and said his office would “throw the book” at the author once he was caught.

Katz could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday morning.

Holden has linked the incidents to what he believes to be a general decline in the city’s quality of life under Mayor de Blasio’s policies and a relaxation in criminal activity. He said he knew of police officers who were retiring earlier than expected due to new restrictions on the physical actions they can take when arresting suspects who resist, and that many of those who remain in the Many people are more reluctant to engage with people who break the law because incidents can escalate and lead to painful consequences.

Holden spoke with a sympathetic ear on the show. A longtime journalist and TV presenter before recently starting her radio show, Cosby is proudly pro-police and often focuses in her comments on the burdens officers face in today’s political climate.

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