‘Military Makeover with Montel’ selects the Thomas family of Indian Land, SC for their next home renovation

The Purple Heart Army veteran and his family will have their home fully updated thanks to the efforts of the Military Makeover team and their dedicated partners

CHARLOTTE, SC, October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ‘Military makeover with Montel,’ A BrandStar Original show, is honored to present Purple Heart veteran Jonathan Thomas and his family with a home renovation for the upcoming new season in Indian Land, SC.

Thomas always felt a strong call to protect his country and loved ones, which is why in 2001 he enlisted in the Army National Guard. After being deployed twice to Iraq and Afghanistan, Thomas was blown from a guard tower by a suicide bomber. As a result, he saved the lives of his entire unit by taking the full force of the explosion; however, the heroic incident left Thomas with a serious spinal injury and peripheral damage to the right eye.

Thomas received two Purple Hearts for his extraordinary acts of courage and for the injuries he suffered and also received a Bronze Star for his heroism and the lives he saved that day.

Several years later, Thomas met his future wife, Natasha, and they had four children together.

In 2012, Thomas became an instructor at Fort Benning, Georgia. During this time, he was diagnosed with cancer, subsequently ending his sixteen-year military career. It didn’t stop Thomas as he battled cancer, once again demonstrating his perseverance and bravery.

Today, Thomas continues to move forward in life and always feels called to help others. The Thomas family currently resides in Caroline from the south and is involved with several charities including Bended Knee Outdoors, a charity that helps children with disabilities. With the loving support of Jonathan’s wife, Natasha, and their children, they continue to persevere and remain committed to each other.

To show appreciation to Thomas and family, decorated veteran and host Montel Williamsco-hosts Art Edmonds and Jennifer Bertrand, along with the dedicated partners of Military Makeover, will work hard to provide the family with their dream home. The process will begin in October and will include replacing or refinishing bathrooms, flooring, furniture, kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, air conditioning, siding, storage, windows and more. .

“It’s a great privilege to give back to a veteran and his family,” said Montel Williams. “I look forward to giving this ever so deserving family their forever home.”

“In an effort to give back to our veteran heroes, we encourage the local community to get out and volunteer,” said Marc Alfieri, founder and CEO of BrandStar. “It is truly a life-changing experience.”

To volunteer on the makeover, email [email protected]. To nominate a Military Makeover recipient, visit militarymakeover.tv/beontheshow.

Military makeover with Montel:

Military Makeover with Montel®, A BrandStar Original, is America’s premier branded reality show that offers hope and a helping hand here on the home front to our military members and their loved ones. Marine Corps and Navy veteran, talk show legend, and military attorney Montel Williams, which creatively co-produces the show with a colorful cast that seeks to transform the homes and lives of military families across the country. The cast includes co-hosts Art Edmonds and designer Jennifer Bertrand. This special series appeals to caring businesses of all sizes as well as non-profit organizations and the local community. Military Makeover airs on Lifetime® and the American Forces Network which serves U.S. military, Department of Defense, and other U.S. government civilians and their families stationed at overseas bases, as well as naval vessels. the U.S. Navy at Sea. Help Begins at Home for Veterans on Military Makeover. Join us as our makeover team is committed to changing the living situation – and the lives – of these deserving families.

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