Military veterans are trained as guards to enhance rail security

Morning Review host Lester Kiewit chats with Prasa spokesperson Andiswa Makanda.

  • Rail operator Prasa says military veterans are being trained to protect the rail network from theft and vandalism
  • Prasa spokesman Andiswa Makanda said security guards will be deployed to various train stations from the Western Cape.

A Metrorail train arrives at Langa station as Prasa resumed operations on the Cape Town Central Line on February 15, 2021. Photo: @PRASA_Group/Twitter

Cape Town’s rail network will be the first to benefit from the Passenger Rail Association of South Africa’s (Prasa) plan to train military veterans to become security guards.

Prasa and the Department of Military Veterans have joined in the initiative which will see military veterans bolster security along various train stations.

Prasa spokesman Andiswa Makanda said a comprehensive training program has been created to equip future guards with the necessary skills, including surveillance.

Makanda says the training program will be accredited by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) and compliant with the Private Security Industry Regulation Act.

About 147 military veterans will be deployed in the Western Cape before the training rolls out to other parts of the country.

This does not mean that the [existing] the contracts are over, we’re just tightening security…reinforcing our security. This is to add to our own internal security.

Andiswa Makanda, spokesperson – Prasa

They will be trained to become security guards with all the skills necessary to protect our railway infrastructure.

Andiswa Makanda, spokesperson – Prasa

We will deploy them in our various stations… and along the rail network, starting with the Western Cape. Once we have done this, we will also roll out the program to other provinces.

Andiswa Makanda, spokesperson – Prasa

This is a formalized training program – SETA accredited, so they must comply with normal regulations.

Andiswa Makanda, spokesperson – Prasa

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