Mission veterans wish list continues to grow before Memorial Day



CRAWFORDSVILLE – It’s the start of Memorial Day weekend and with so many fun events taking place in central Indiana, it can be easy to forget why we’re celebrating this time.

Memorial Day honors our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in the line of duty.

A Crawfordsville veteran has said he will spend this vacation weekend helping veterans living in Indiana Home for Veterans make their wishes come true.

It might not sound like much, but taped to a cardboard box lying on the floor in the corner of the Brian Bowman VFW Post 1431 in Crawfordsville is a list – a wish list.

“You’ll find socks, sweatpants, all that good stuff out there,” said veteran Jason Black. “A lot of them are like snacks, to do’s, coloring books, clothes.”

Items Black has taken on the task of finding and donating to the Veterans’ House – with your help.

“I worked with the help of the Crawfordsville community to create four different donation drop-off locations across town,” said Black. “I would like to personally thank everyone who came together to contribute to this effort to support our formidable veterans. Right now we already have three boxes of stuff. If we can get the whole community involved, we can’t even imagine what it’s going to be.

The current drop-off locations are:

Brian Bowman VFW Post 1431

117 N Water St, Crawfordsville, IN

Rotary Prison Museum

225 N. Washington St, Crawfordsville, IN

Wild buffalo wings

1870 United States – 231 Crawfordsville, IN

Roots Hair Salon

1942 Indianapolis Road, Crawfordsville, IN

If you have money or a gift card you’d like to donate, Black asks you to contact them directly through their Facebook page.

“To me, it’s fair, you know, it’s the people that I might not have fought with right around, but, you know, being a member of the VFW and having been in combat myself… I can understand, ”Black said. “It’s something that we started locally here in Crawfordsville with the Brian Bowman VFW Post 1431 because it’s our VFW mission statement which is ‘no one does for veterans anymore’ and for me it’s the bigger goal.

Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs Director Dennis Wimer agrees.

“This Memorial Day is so important because it is – we are emerging from the pandemic. There are opportunities for people to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and that is truly the purpose of Memorial Day, ”said Wimer. “The Indiana Veterans Home has so many great veterans who served their country and were willing to make this sacrifice and there are so many little things people would love to do in these boxes.

From items that will fit easily in the box like pocket t-shirts and electric razors to larger items like Pleather recliners and a Temi robot – you can probably find something you can afford to donate.

“It’s fun to see the little things out there that people love – some of those things are bigger than the house itself could use,” Wimer said. “Some of the small snacks – small items. This makes it accessible to everyone. It is so meaningful to those who are there to get the freebies they were looking for.

Black has made it his mission to cross the list, he hopes you join him this Memorial Day weekend.

“This is the only veterans retreat in Indiana and I know they need help,” Black said. “It’s about continuing the mission. Continue the service and find ways to do it. “

The Wish List doesn’t end on Memorial Day, it continues year round for those who are interested.


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