Motorcycle Ride and BBQ Bring Veterans Together


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – The 7th Annual Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle and BBQ Memorial Ride and BBQ did just that on Saturday: honor Vietnam Veterans.

“We have to celebrate the Vietnam vets because they were a little bit ridiculed when we got back, shunned, whatever you want to call it, but they weren’t appreciated, and thank goodness that has changed,” Vietnam veteran Les Wilson said.

The bikers started with a police escort at Twin Falls City Park, then proceeded to Hansen, then the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Jerome, before arriving at Snake River Canyon National Cemetery in Buhl.

It was an opportunity to honor the Vietnamese heroes and also to be among other heroes.

“Brings back some of the comradeship these days you know when we’re on active military duty and it’s just great to get around other guys who have been there and done it,” said veteran James Van Meter.

Katie Bryant of the Magic Valley POW / MIA Awareness Association comes from a military family and knows how important it is for our Veterans to enjoy the company of others.

“They all gave up part of their lives for the rest of the country, so it’s so important for us to honor them and for them to have this brotherhood and brotherhood,” said Bryant.

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