Neighbors meet to discuss carbon dioxide pipeline project

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – People who were told that a liquid carbon dioxide pipeline was going to be built in Iowa and would pass through parts of southern Linn County raised concerns about the project on Saturday .

Texas-based Navigator CO₂ Ventures proposed the 1,300-mile underground structure to the Iowa Utilities Board. It is the state agency that oversees pipelines within the state.

A group of concerned citizens gathered at the Lisbon Community Center where they questioned Navigator’s plans to store liquid carbon dioxide, the impacts on the earth and whether the project is as green as the company claims. .

“We wanted to have this meeting urgently to publicize the issues,” said Jessica Wiskus, of Linn County.

Wiskus is one of the people who were advised that the pipeline would pass through his property.

A public meeting will be held on Monday, December 6 at the Veterans Memorial Building in Cedar Rapids at 6:00 p.m., where the Iowa Utilities Board will explain landowner rights. Under Iowa law, Navigator can contact landowners about easements after the meeting, but cannot begin construction until approved by the IUB.

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