Nominations for Veteran-Owned Business of the Year are accepted

Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year is a business in which at least 51% of the ownership is owned by a military veteran with at least one “general discharge”, an active duty member eligible for the the transition of the army, reservists and members of the national guard.

In addition, the nominated party must have proof of service (DD214, NGB-22 or other official proof of service must be submitted before the award can be presented). The nominee for this award must also be the company’s top executive.

The deadline for nominations is March 14 at 11:59 p.m.

To be considered, the company must meet the following conditions for the year ending in 2021:

  • Endurance, an established company history
  • Demonstrate a stable number of employees
  • Provide employment opportunities for members of the military community
  • Demonstrated potential necessary for long-term business success and growth
  • Have a positive company culture where employees are valued
  • Community engagement, including contributions and volunteering to help community-focused projects
  • Voluntary efforts to directly support veterans or issues affecting veterans, including veteran-owned businesses, veteran families within the community

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