Obama on UFOs: ‘US military has footage, records of mysterious flying object’


Amid the growing conundrum surrounding the presence of aliens and the many videos purporting to show unidentified flying objects (UFOs), former US President Barack Obama also weighed in on the debate on Thursday by confirming that the US military had “images and recordings” of mysterious objects

Speaking on “The Late Late Show” by James Corden, Obama was asked about the UFO issue, to which he responded by saying that there was evidence of objects in the sky and that “we don’t know exactly what they are ”.

These mysterious objects have inexplicable behavior that “we cannot explain,” Obama also said. “They didn’t have an easily explainable model, so, you know, I think people still take attempts to investigate and figure out what it is, seriously,” Obama also said.

Without developing his own views on what these mysterious objects were, Obama concluded by saying, “I have nothing to report to you today.”

It comes as the US Department of Defense and intelligence agencies are due to release a long-awaited report on mysterious aerial sightings. The report will be released in June.

Earlier on Sunday, a US government official on US television admitted observing unidentified aerial phenomena (USP) and confirmed that the department also had recordings.

Video was also leaked by a documentary maker who captured an unidentified spherical object flying off the coast of San Diego. The video was reportedly shot by the US Navy.

Meanwhile, speaking about his life after the presidency, Obama said he is very happy now because he is not blamed for “every story” in the news. He also said he felt less stressed and overwhelmed now.

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