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  • Horse racing is animal abuse
    How many racehorses still have to die before people admit that this is an abusive industry? You have to look beyond the stands and the many deaths, not only on the slopes but also …
  • The nation needs a new direction
    What I see in this country turns my stomach upside down. The so-called evangelicals seem to be trying to make this country a theocracy. White House rhetoric has divided this country more than at any time in my 85 years. We have somebody in …
  • President escalates forest fires
    President Donald Trump recently announced that he wanted to end aid to California to tackle the historically widespread wildfires that are devastating the state. He attributes this horrific disaster to the alleged mismanagement of California’s forests. Trump’s idea of ​​”managing” forests is to …
  • Wall St. flakes on the attack
    Given all of the recent attention to health policy, one would think the medico-industrial complex would be heavily involved in the Democratic primary race, doing everything to block Elizabeth Warren. And a coalition of pharmaceutical companies, insurers and hospitals is …
  • Will Great Britain become Little England?
    Over the centuries, Britain spawned the Industrial Revolution and nurtured representative democracy. He ruled the waves and created the common law. He nurtured the first anti-slavery movement and stood up to …
  • President’s trade wars hurt our farmers
    A handful of historic laws have indelibly changed the history of our nation. Some, like the Civil Rights Act and the GI Bill, for the good; others, not so much. Alarmingly, we see …
  • The humanitarian crisis at the border worries both states and feds
    State and local authorities can and should play an important role in resolving the humanitarian crisis of America’s treatment of immigrant detainees. So writes John Hudak of the Brookings Institution in an insightful article that …
Somewhere else: Henderson man sues town and police, claiming Third Amendment rights violated
A Nevada man is suing the city of Henderson and its police under the rarely used Third Amendment, claiming they unconstitutionally arrested him for obstruction …
The Kats Report: Suit against Sunset Thomas offers a new wrinkle in the oldest profession
Few “firsts” remain in the world’s oldest profession, but Sunset Thomas has never experienced this before: she is being sued for not having …
Somewhere else: NSA’s Verizon Record Collection: “Calm Down,” Reid Says
The National Security Agency’s blanket demand for Verizon to turn over all recordings of phone calls within its system – both in the United States and …
Nevada Equality Award

Paula Abdul and Nevada State Senator David Parks are honored for their LGBTQ advocacy during the inaugural Nevada Equality Awards at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club on the Linq Promenade in …

Author Joanne Gilbert
Author Joanne Gilbert

Author Joanne Gilbert poses at her home in Summerlin on Friday, November 1, 2019.

Canyon Springs Football 2012
Canyon Springs Football 2012

Their school, Canyon Springs High School on Alexander Road in North Las Vegas, near a pig farm whose stench sometimes lingers on campus, is one of the poorest in the valley. This is the story of their football season.

Culture house
Culture house

KSNV reports a subway raid of a marijuana grow operation in two Henderson homes.

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