Pickaway-Ross SkillsUSA Students American Flag Fundraising


CHILLICOTHE – A unique project has allowed the students and staff of the Pickaway-Ross Career and Technology Center to team up and raise funds for a good cause.

Together, Skills USA students built a giant metal American flag to honor local military veterans.

The flag will be drawn to help raise funds for a new youth garden at the Chillicothe Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic. The garden will be connected to the clinic’s Veterans Healing Garden, which was also established by students from Pickaway-Ross Skills USA in 2017.

Braden Sabine, a welding student at Pickaway-Ross, said he and his classmates introduced the project to their teachers while brainstorming fundraising ideas for the garden.

Braden Sabine and Trey Keeton, welding students at Pickaway-Ross CTC, were among the staff and students who helped create a 200-pound metal American flag.  The flag will be drawn to raise funds for a youth garden at the Chillicothe VA clinic.

“Once we started building it, before you knew it, a lot of people were interested,” Sabine said. “We took it to a few different companies. We also brought it to the VFW, I believe. Everyone who had seen it fell in love with it.”

The project was not easy, however. Sabine said he and others thought creating the piece would be a simple job before they started.

“We thought it would be a quick and easy process, but there were a lot of people who were involved,” Sabine said. “We drew the blueprint and drew it at actual size to see what we were working with. We ordered the steel, which was made of four rectangular tubes. And then we went to a few different teachers to get them involved.”

With the help of the teachers at Pickaway-Ross and some advice, the students finally had a finished product.

“We put in about 50 hours on it, but I would say overall it was very successful,” said Sabine.

The metal flag measures just over four feet high and six feet wide, weighing around 200 pounds.

A Pickaway-Ross CTC student paints a metal American flag that will be raffled to raise funds for a new youth garden at the Chillicothe VA Medical Clinic.

Tea McCaulla, English teacher and Skills USA advisor at Pickaway-Ross, created the original healing garden at Chillicothe VA with her students.

McCaulla said words couldn’t describe his appreciation for the students and staff who came together on this project.

“It’s just amazing how many people have come together to help these young men with this flag,” McCaulla said. “Braden is in my class and every day he updates me, sends me pictures of the flag … It’s one thing to see these pictures, but the first time I saw him in person, it gave me chills. “

McCaulla said she loved seeing the students use the skills learned in the classroom for such a great cause.

“It’s huge,” McCaulla said. “I think it’s very important.”

Raffle tickets for the flag are available for $ 5 each or five for $ 20. Tickets can be purchased at Pickaway-Ross CTC. Skills USA students will also be set up at various stores in the area to sell tickets.

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