Pritzker delays vaccine deadline for some state officials


CHICAGO (AP) – Governor JB Pritzker extended a deadline for state workers at veterans homes, prisons and other assembly facilities to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as his office negotiates with unions representing certain workers.

Pritzker, who set an August 4 deadline for state employees covered by his vaccine requirement in August, said on Friday that employees had until Nov. 30 to be fully immunized, the Chicago reported. Tribune. The workers are employed by the departments of corrections, veterans, social services and juvenile justice.

The Pritzker administration has entered into agreements with several unions representing state workers. But negotiations are continuing with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 and Teamsters Local 700. AFSCME, which represents some 15,000 state employees affected by the requirement, opposed the move. which she called “rigid mandates”.

“This administration continues to work to protect the vulnerable residents in our care or custody by ensuring that state employees at assembly locations receive the vaccine,” said Pritzker spokeswoman Emily. Bittner, in a statement. She said the delay would allow unions to communicate with members and give workers time to get vaccinated, adding “We are working diligently to reach an agreement with the two remaining unions.”

Under the agreements reached so far, workers who fail to comply with the mandate will face “progressive disciplinary action” which may result in dismissal. The agreements offer an alternative COVID-19 testing option only for people with an approved religious or medical objection.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who also imposed a vaccination warrant on city workers, has taken to court prevent the head of the police union from encouraging members to disobey the obligation to report their immunization status.

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