Quilts of Valor distributed to two local veterans


April 27 – Two Vietnam Veterans, Private 1st Class Gary Romanski (retired) and Sgt. 1st Class Archie Carpenter (retired), received Valor Quilts Friday in honor of their time in the military.

Carpenter, who joined the Army in 1957, served in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968. He was then posted to Fort Riley before being deployed to Korea. In 1978 he would be stationed at Fort Riley once again before deciding to retire at Junction City. He traveled throughout the United States and beyond during his career before settling in Junction City. Carpenter was in the military for 21 years before retiring.

Romanski was drafted into the military in 1968. He did his basic training partly at Fort Riley before being deployed to Vietnam. He was injured in 1969 by a rocket-propelled grenade shrapnel. The same day he was injured by the grenade shrapnel, Romanski was shot in the chest. Despite his injuries, he continued to fight. Romanski was injured a second time after sustaining a serious head injury. He had to be transported to the 95th Medevac Hospital, located in Da Nang before being transferred to Camp Zama in Japan. He would later be returned to the United States where he was honorably released.

Quilts of Valor is a project to distribute handmade quilts to veterans in recognition of their time in the military.

Donna Martinson of the Central Flint Hills Quilts of Valor Project said Quilts of Valor was created in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

“We knew that our Vietnam vets had not been thanked appropriately for their service and we also learned that many of our Korean War vets were not thanked for their service,” he said. she declared.

The quilts are intended as a thank you for their time with the military and to offer comfort and warmth to veterans who may or may not have had enough in their lives according to the estimates of those who make the quilts.

A veteran receives only one Valor Quilt in his life.

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