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People who collect scrap metal for ‘Metals for Veterans’ say calling them can benefit the callers as well as the community.

Homeowners can save money by having the veterans’ group pick up appliances, cans, and other metal objects. This work will clean up people’s property. Having people call veteran supporters, they say, can also ease the burden on Grand Island’s code enforcement officers.

The veterans group is raising money to build a memorial at Hall County Veterans Park, honoring soldiers who served from 1975 to the present day.

Those planning the memorial will gladly accept anything recyclable, “from cans to cars to copper,” says Tim Bartz, co-owner of Kramer’s Auto Parts and Iron Co.

They’d love to hear from someone who has a fridge on their porch, or someone who bought a new appliance and needs to get rid of the old one.

Someone even donated a tractor-trailer to the cause, Bartz said.

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While clearing a farm last month, military supporters picked up an old manure spreader, a feed cart and an old grain truck.

Bartz and Ken Barber, facilities manager for Alter Metal Recycling, are members of the committee planning the memorial. Both men are veterans. One of the volunteers picking up the scrap is Brandon Latimer.

Grand Island Police Sgt. Trent Hill, who heads the code enforcement unit, pointed out that code enforcement has no connection with the veterans group and does not recommend that owners call specific people. But veteran supporters sometimes hear from code enforcement officers when the job needs to be done.

The veterans committee has made progress in deciding what the memorial will look like.

The design could incorporate a globe, Bartz said.

At this point, the group has probably raised enough money to do the physical work, but not to pay for the benches.

Additionally, “We don’t have an idea of ​​the globe price yet,” Bartz said.

Although veterans’ supporters are currently working on the memorial, they have collected scrap metal over the years for several veterans’ causes.

If you have metals you would like to donate, call Alter Metal Recycling at 308-381-0600 or Kramer’s at 308-384-1116. You can also call 308-382-8255.

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