Senator Draheim supports safe and transparent elections, cybersecurity and veterans affairs in state government, elections and the veterans budget


Saint-Paul – The Senate adopted state government and electionsomnibus budget bill Monday, focusing on good governance, eliminating waste, promoting fair and free elections, and promoting support for Minnesota veterans. This bill contains full funding for the state government’s biennial budget, which highlights the implementation of government efficiencies to limit spending while continuing to operate at its highest capacity. Improvements to electoral security will significantly increase the integrity and transparency of elections in Minnesota.

“Whether it is by ensuring the security of your personal information on the Web, by avoiding tax waste or by ensuring that your vote is counted fairly, the legislator is committed to ensuring efficient and fair operations”, said Senator Rich Draheim (R-Madison Lake) mentioned. “Provisional ballots strengthen Minnesota’s electoral system by ensuring that all voters validate their registration in the same way. It doesn’t stop recording the same day – it makes it louder. “

The implementation of provisional ballots is highlighted and prioritized in this budget. Minnesota is one of only three states in the country that does not provide provisional ballots on election day. Provisional ballots are a safe and easy measure, widely accepted across the country, to ensure that every vote is treated equally and counted in a timely manner. Provisional ballots also prevent ineligible people, such as those serving time, non-U.S. Citizens, or those who do not meet residency requirements, from participating in the election and marginalizing their own ballots. neighbour.

This budget also seeks to eliminate government bloat by finding areas in the budget that have been misused, underutilized, or have become more effective. It is important to continually audit the government to ensure that Minnesotan taxpayer dollars are well spent. This section of the bill includes several provisions to fund the state government without going over budget, such as:

  • Limit the number of state employees based on the state’s population
  • Reduced agency funding for vacancies after 180 days
  • Equitable geographic distribution of layoffs of government employees
  • Sale of an unused COVID public mortuary in Saint-Paul

The veterans portion of the budget focuses on initiatives to improve services for Minnesota veterans. These programs will expand the availability of dental services in veterans’ homes, establish adult day care programs, stable housing initiatives and recognize Veterans Suicide Prevention and Awareness Day. There is also money for an advertising representative for the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, who will give a voice to our veterans. Funding for these key services and programs for this important Minnesota community is a priority for the Minnesota Senate.

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