Silver Lake rulers want to build veterans memorial at village hall


SILVER LAKE – Leaders hope to erect a war veterans monument outside the village hall along Kent Road within a year.

Mayor Bernie Hovey has said he and others involved in the effort would like to hold a dedication ceremony for the memorial on September 11, 2022. If that deadline cannot be met, the program would take place on Veterans Day. of 2022, according to Hovey.

Preliminary discussions on the project took place at a first meeting of the Veterans Memorial Committee on September 10.

“We all want a simple, yet elegant and moving memorial,” Hovey said.

Donations accepted

On September 7, the village council approved the mayor’s permission to raise and spend funds for the construction of the memorial.

Hovey told council the village will accept contributions for the memorial using the same process they used to raise funds for centennial events in 2018.

Anyone wishing to donate should write the check to the village of Silver Lake and write “Veterans Memorial” on the note line, according to Hovey.

Checks can be deposited at Town Hall or mailed to Town Hall, c / o Mayor Bernie Hovey at 2961 Kent Road, Silver Lake 44224.

Names of Veterans Wanted

Hovey said the village is trying to identify any veterans who live in the village, have ever lived in the village, or who are the sons and daughters of the residents of Silver Lake. The village collects the names of those who are currently serving, as well as those who have completed their service.

“I am asking for names of veterans only to compile a register / book / diary of all who live or have lived in Silver Lake and who have served our country in the military,” Hovey said. “Maybe this diary will one day be available for viewing at the memorial.”

Information can be emailed to Hovey at [email protected] and should include name, rank, branch of service and dates of service.

The memorial will replace the military weapon that was withdrawn

The planned veterans memorial outside the village town hall will replace a 90mm military anti-aircraft gun that was removed in June at the village’s request by a man from Cuyahoga Falls who said he was interested in preserving the story.

Following:Veterans Memorial could be built in front of Silver Lake Village Hall

Hovey previously said he didn’t think Town Hall was the right location for the military weapon.

“It did not seem appropriate to me to have an artillery cannon displayed so prominently at the village hall, especially now that gun violence seems to be on the rise in our country,” Hovey said.

Kim Pigman, an accountant and administrative secretary for the village, said she spoke to some veterans’ organizations who wanted the weapon but did not have enough funds to remove it from the site and move it.

John Drumm, a resident of Cuyahoga Falls, said he learned the village was attempting to remove the weapon through people he knew at a museum in the area. He noted that he had helped negotiate a deal for the weapon to be transferred to this museum, but the arrangement fell through due to a lack of funds available.

In mid-June, Drumm said he and his nephew Jeff paid a company to remove the gun and transport it to an undisclosed location in Portage County.

Drumm added that he was working on setting up a display for the weapon and said he would reveal the location soon.

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