Speedy Cash Launches High Yield Affiliate Program

Speedy Cash Payday Loans

“The Speedy Cash Affiliate Program offers both traditional banners and creative versions of text links for advertisers, as well as a dedicated Affiliate Manager to assist marketers,” says Bryan Herndon, Chief Marketing Officer Internet.

Fast cash, a trusted name in the payday loan community, has partnered with Commission Junction, the leading affiliate management program, to launch an online marketing affiliate program. The program is free for approved applicants and pays $ 50 for each new customer received from the affiliate website.

“The Speedy Cash Affiliate Program offers both traditional banners and creative versions of text links for advertisers,” says Bryan Herndon, Internet Marketing Director for Speedy Cash. “In addition, Speedy Cash has a dedicated Affiliate Manager to respond to any specific inquiries regarding the program.”

Quick money Affiliate Program capitalizes on two major trends: online advertising and the economic downturn with the resulting upheavals in mortgage rates, credit card fees and taxes.

Almost the entire working class in the country has suffered financial losses in one way or another over the past year. Challenges such as higher mortgage rates and reduced savings have increased the likelihood of a short-term economic deficit for many. When unexpected financial emergencies arise, such as rate hikes, bad checks, medical bills, or household problems, most workers don’t know where to turn for a short-term cash advance. Even fewer people realize that a payday loan can actually save them money compared to late fees charged by mortgage companies, credit cards, and utilities. In reality, payday loans can effectively bridge the gap between a cash flow crisis and the customer’s next paycheck.

As the leading provider of online payday loans and in-store cash advances across the country, Speedy Cash provides fast and secure access to cash. Online loan applications are completed and processed in minutes; the borrowed funds can be in the customer’s bank account the next business day. Visitors to the company’s website can quickly complete an online application and then head to a store for a cash advance on the same day.

Terry Pittman, Internet Loan Director for Speedy Cash, encourages potential affiliate merchants about the high level of ethics on which the company operates: “Our customers are hard working people who need a short term loan. . Our success is due to the respect of high ethics and the requirement of respectful and fair treatment of our customers. We go beyond industry best practices with our customer-centric culture.

About Speedy Cash Inc .: Founded in 1997 to meet a growing need for small consumer loans, Speedy Cash® / Rapid Cash is a high quality multi-state financial services company. The company provides exceptional customer service in a safe, clean and professional environment. Speedy Cash® and Rapid Cash set themselves apart from the competition by designing and investing in visually appealing, well-managed stores with a strong commitment to the communities they serve.

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