Stamford sets 2022 Veterans Day Parade to November 6

STAMFORD — Stamford officials plan to hold a Veterans Day parade and ceremony on Nov. 6, five days before the official Veterans Day holiday.

The parade will begin at 805 Bedford St. around noon, followed by a ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park at 130 Atlantic St.

“It promises to be an exciting and meaningful event,” read the description of the parade and ceremony on the city’s website.

Organizations or groups interested in participating can complete a registration form on the City’s website.

The form asks participants to describe their group and include any vehicles to be used along the parade route, such as military jeeps and trucks, or tanks. All information must be submitted to the city by October 24.

The rain date for the event is November 13.

Last year, at the city’s Veterans Day ceremony on November 7, former Stamford Mayor David Martin announced that Stamford was a Purple Heart city and added it to the Purple Heart Trail. . The Purple Heart Trail is a symbolic system of roads, highways, bridges and other monuments that honor service men and women who have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal.

For more information, contact David Kaplan at [email protected] or 240-426-0172 or Xavier Shellman at [email protected] or 203-613-3558.

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