Students pay tribute to Beirut veterans and their fallen comrades

JACKSONVILLE, North Carolina (WITN) – Middle school students in an East Carolina town pay their respects to military veterans and their fallen comrades.

Students from Northwoods Park Middle School in Jacksonville, members of the Beirut Advisory Council and Beirut bombing survivors gathered Thursday morning for a ribbon unfurling, tying hundreds of yellow ribbons at the Beirut Memorial Grove across from Camp Geiger and the New River Air Station.

The tribute was made for the more than 220 Marines who lost their lives in the Beirut bombing on October 23, 1983.

Students teamed up with veterans to tie the symbolic ribbons around more than 200 saplings in the memorial grove near Highway 17.

Veterans expressed the importance of honoring those who lost their lives while passing on stories to the next generation so their memories will live on.

“It’s all living history. All of us here call it that, but we really want to see it as our brothers we lost there will never be forgotten and it’s something we all hold dear, said Rickey Williams.

Harry Manzer is grateful for the children who honor the memory of fallen Marines. “There are so many phenomenal kids doing what they are doing to help us and to keep this alive.”

Several events will take place this weekend in honor of the victims of the Beirut bombing, including a 241-mile race at the Beirut Memorial Grounds in Jacksonville on Friday, a motorcycle race by the Strength & Honor motorcycle club in the New River Harley-Davidson, and a special memorial service at the Beirut Memorial Grounds on Sunday.

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