Sypris Electronics Books Follow-On Award To Support The U.S. Army Crypto Program

Sypris Electronics will support the US Army’s secure communications program as part of a defense contractor follow-up contract.

Affiliate Sypris Solutions announced Thursday that it will produce and test integrated circuit card assemblies designed to perform cryptographic functions for the military’s key management system.

AKMS consists of a simple key loader, automated communications engineering software, and local communications security management software and is part of the US electronic key management system that provides tactical units with secure electronic key distribution and organic key generation capabilities.

The simple key loading device can store, receive and transfer data between communication and cryptographic equipment. ACES has been designated as a common standard by the Military Communications Electronics Board for use in the planning of cryptographic networks, frequency management, and the development of instructional signal transmission operations. LCMS provides communications security accounting, automated key generation and distribution capabilities.

Mark Kane, vice president and general manager of Sypris Electronics, said the company looks forward to the opportunity to serve as a long-term partner on the secure communications program that leverages Sypris’ skills in cybersecurity platforms.

Production work is expected to start in 2022.

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