Telehealth center in Boise to serve thousands of rural veterans

VA opened a new Clinical Resource Center (CRH) in Boise, Idaho on April 20, 2022.

Hub provides space for VA staff treating veterans via telehealth

The Clinical Resource Center is the first facility of its kind in the VA and will serve as a space for VA personnel treating veterans via telehealth. The hub will also provide training space for VA staff, students, and residents.

The CRH is home to over 200 staff, including physicians, advanced practice providers, psychologists, social workers, nurses, planners, pharmacists, technicians and other specialists, as well as support administrative.

VISN 20 Director Dr. Teresa D. Boyd said “every detail of the work environment has been carefully designed to prioritize collaborative care, creativity and flexibility.”

Increased access

The Clinical Resource Center provides increased access to VA care for veterans in rural areas. This reduces the need for veterans to have to travel great distances to receive VA health care.

To date, the hub has served over 11,000 veterans. The hub will continue to grow by hiring other AV providers with the potential to serve thousands more veterans in the western United States.

The Boise VA Medical Center and surrounding community outpatient clinics serve the health care needs of the approximately 100,000 military veterans living in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. Boise VA Medical Center and surrounding clinics treat nearly 32,000 veterans each year. It offers services in primary care, surgery, behavioral health, long-term care, oncology and dental care. Boise VA Medical Center is an 87-bed teaching and research hospital.

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