The ultimate sacrifice means nothing | The Spokesperson’s Review

It will be a sad day for veterans when Spokane School District 81 (Spokane Public Schools) tears down a monument to Washington State and local veterans.

Now known as Joe Albi Stadium, the original name in 1950 was Spokane Memorial Stadium. The stadium was built as a memorial to our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice, for our freedom. Two monument markers still stand proudly reading: ‘HONORING THOSE IN THIS STATE WHO DIED FOR THEIR COUNTRY’.

In 1948, Citizens of 1949 and 1950 raised $600,000 to build the stadium. “They were delighted to present it as a gift to the city, free and clear, as a memorial to the sons of our city who gave their lives, in their country’s wars.” The stadium was to be a lasting and useful monument (September 10, 1950, The Spokesman-Review).

Spokane Mayor Arthur R. Meehan; W. Otto Warn, President of the Chamber of Commerce; and Clifford E. Lucas, Chairman of the Spokane School Board, all agreed at a City Council meeting that the stadium should be a “permanent memorial to our war heroes” (July 14, 1950, Spokane Daily Chronicle).

More information can be found in the Veterans Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act 2003.

Please help me, my local, state and national leaders won’t!

Craig Gerlack


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