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Contributed ‘REMEMBER’ – Wendy Barr, a volunteer with the Tri-State Young Marines who participated in the Seventh Memorial Brick Run where the destination was the Ohio Veterans Memorial Park in Clinton, Ohio, explained the name behind this park functionality. Borrowed from a line of a well-known poem written in the 19th century, the expression “let’s not forget” means “we must not forget it”. We say or write “lest we forget” in commemorations to always remember the service and sacrifice of those who have served in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. “

WINTERSVILLE – The American Legion Riders of Stevens-Christian Memorial Post # 557 hosted the seventh Memorial Brick Run which was held on May 15th.

The Brick Run began in Wintersville at the post picnic shelter with the Legion Riders, other cyclists leaving the field shortly after 10 a.m. They were followed by the truck carrying the memorial bricks and a chartered “Honor Bus” carrying a dozen veterans and representatives of the Weirton-based Tri-State Young Marines.

After a stop at West End Pizza in Malvern, the trailer continued to the Ohio Veterans Memorial Park in Clinton, Ohio. “Along the way, many police departments kept traffic going, so that the caravan that escorted the commemorative bricks could stay together,” reported Wendy Barr, a Tri-State Young Marines volunteer.

“This beautiful ceremony began with the invocation by Wendell Keyser, the Tri-State Young Marines Color Guard presented our nation’s colors and the national anthem was performed by Michele Wisniewski, Navy veteran and founder of Voices of Honor ”. Barr noted.

May 15 was Armed Forces Day and 33 commemorative bricks were placed in memory of American Legion members from various posts. “Each name on each brick has been read aloud and worn with our nation’s flag alongside it, on the service flag of the military branch he or she has served,” Barr explained, adding that some of the bricks were worn by family members who were awaiting. “What a great day to honor those who serve and to remember those who have served, ”she commented.

The ceremony ended with a 21-gun salute by the American Legion Post 557 Honor Guard with “Taps” and echo “Taps” by Jay Shelton and Mike Bongart.

The Brick Run Memorial Run is held annually on Armed Forces Day, which is the third Saturday in May. It’s not a poker race, Barr pointed out, but rather an escorted walk to the Ohio Veterans Memorial Park for the brick-laying ceremony. Runners or groups of runners can choose their own route back home or for a dinner party afterwards. All proceeds go to charities and local veterans organizations.

Representatives of the Tri-State Young Marines shared their thoughts on attending the special event.

TIMMS ABIGAIL YM / CPL: “What an incredible day! It was such an honor. I love this device more than I can explain. They are more than my fellow Young Marines. They are my family and being able to participate in the service and memory of our veterans with them makes it even more of an honor. Today was amazing. Thank you for an amazing day and hour today! “

YM / LCPL MADDISON COFFMAN: “I’m very happy that I didn’t have to stay in the color guard all the time and that I was able to place bricks as well. The ceremony was very special because I was able to walk with the families to place the brick for their deceased veteran and I also felt that feeling of gratitude and thank you for that. –

YM / LCPL AVRIL MOFFO: “It is truly a beautiful place to honor our loved ones and our fallen soldiers from Vietnam and other wars. It is moving to see all these names of people who sacrificed themselves so that we can be free today. The weather was beautiful and it was an incredible ceremony, and I am honored to have been able to participate with the Tri-State Young Marines. I love my unit not only because we can honor and pay tribute, but because our unit is like family which makes it all so much more amazing.

YM / SSGT RJ BARR: “I felt honored to be part of this year’s Brick Race. I loved that the Legion riders chose the Young Marines to help them with the ceremony.

YM / SGT SHAUN LEBBANO: “We have come together to remember and honor the dead, so that they will always be remembered with a physical brick at the memorial site. “

YM / PFC ANDREW COFFMAN: “I am very happy to have been able to place bricks with the families of deceased veterans. I was happy to have been able to feel honored by this for those who have fallen.

SUMMERS YM / PVT LIAM: “What I love about the Brick Race is recognizing the dead veterans and their duty. The second thing is to pay tribute to deceased veterans. It was a great event.

YM / PVT THOMAS STANCHFIELD: “My favorite part was when we were on the bus for the brick race because we were escorted by the police and the bus was really cool. I also loved the bus because of all the veterans who were on the bus.

YM / LCPL GIANNA TRUAX: “I had a lot of fun on the brick track. I enjoyed helping to recognize deceased veterans. They are gone, but will never be forgotten. I also enjoyed doing the activity with my friends. It was a great event. “

YM / LCPL DEZIRAE WARE: “An incredible experience. My favorite part was doing the Color Guard for the first time. I had a lot of fun and everyone did well.

YM / CASH RIDGELY PVT: “The Brick Race is great because you can hold a Veteran Flag and Brick. I was able to take a bus with veterans and stop at a pizzeria.

The Tri-State Young Marines is a national program for young boys and girls, ages 8 through high school, focused on leadership, citizenship through community service, self-discipline and a healthy lifestyle and drug-free, according to its website.

The local unit meets at VFW Post 2716 at 3435 Main St., Weirton.

Its website notes: “Upon completion of 26 hours of recruit training conducted during regular drill nights, affectionately known as ‘boot camp,’ participants earn the title of Young Marine and the honor of wearing a Young Marine uniform. Young Marines graduates participate in many activities in our region. These include community service projects for veterans, parades, overnight camps, team-building activities, and field trips to visit historic sites of interest.

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