U.S. and NATO Forces to Benefit from Breakthrough Satellite Technology Following Groundbreaking Antenna Trials with Isotropic Systems

Isotropic Systems’ Multi-Link Terminal Successfully Connects to GEO and MEO Satellites Simultaneously in Landmark Trials, Ensuring Increased Resilience and Security for Defense Systems

READING, England, February 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Isotropic Systems, the leading developer of transformational multi-link satellite technology, today announced successful testing of advanced multi-orbit antennas that will usher in a new era of resilience for increasingly global government communications. more dependent on satellite connectivity on the ground, at sea and in the air.

The tests were conducted with SES Government Solutions, the leading provider of government satellite communications solutions, at the U.S. Army Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, Maryland, and has successfully demonstrated a range of capabilities that will support military and government missions around the world. During landmark multi-orbit trials, separate satellites in different orbits were simultaneously linked to a single Isotropic Systems multi-link antenna, demonstrating the terminal’s capabilities designed to meet the harsh conditions and challenging connectivity requirements in space. of fight.

With this Isotropic Systems breakthrough, U.S. and NATO forces will for the first time be able to access all satellite capabilities of military and commercial satellites from a single antenna, providing defense and Significantly improved security:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs will be able to connect to the optimal satellites for a variety of surveillance and armed missions

  • Military pilots can connect to satellites optimal for ground communications, while aircraft crew can connect to entirely separate satellites at the same time to access super-fast broadband for real-time communications with the combatants and the central command

  • A wide range of ships and ships at sea will be able to communicate and connect with troops in the air and on the ground for a seamless mission campaign

  • If a satellite is disrupted or denied during a conflict, US and NATO forces on the ground will enjoy full mission assurance with multiple connections to multiple satellites operating at the same time.

As part of the Isotropic Systems multi-link antenna trials, the US Army demonstrated simultaneous connection under operational conditions as part of the US Air Force’s innovative DEUCSI (Defense Experimentation Using Commercial Space Internet) program. The terminal has established two simultaneous live, high-performance connections to SES satellites in GEO and MEO, as well as seamless satellite-to-satellite transitions, providing a revolutionary leap in wartime communications.

“Our terminal is the first and only U.S. military-tested antenna capable of multiple simultaneous satellite links, providing the U.S. military and NATO with the communications capabilities they need for the threat environment. today, with disturbed satellites becoming more and more common,” said John Finney, founder and CEO of Isotropic Systems. “We have proven that our multi-link optical antenna technology is fully capable of delivering resilient, mission-critical space connectivity for the military and across a wide range of vertical markets – from government and enterprise to aerospace and maritime – as we remain on track for our commercial launch in 2022.”

“These back-to-back groundbreaking antenna trials demonstrate how a new generation of terminals, led by Isotropic System’s multi-link optical platform, will unlock the full potential of existing and next-generation satellites for critical government and defense missions. everywhere,” mentioned pete hoene, President and CEO of SES Government Solutions. “The timing of the commercial availability of this new antenna is ideal with the recent launch of our SES-17 GEO satellite and the launch of our new O3b mPOWER MEO system in 2022.”

About isotropic systems

With offices in the UK and USA, Isotropic Systems is developing the world’s first fully integrated, low-power, high-bandwidth multi-service broadband terminals, designed to help the satellite industry “go to the beyond” traditional markets and to acquire new customers with a full range of broadband services. The company’s team of industry experts and scientists have pioneered several firsts in satellite terminal design, resulting in a range of terminals that can be customized to meet performance requirements, cost and power countless applications – from the most complex government defense systems and mobile backhaul solutions capable of extending 5G to next-generation connected experiences onboard commercial airliners, cruise ships , offshore platforms and even small sea fishing boats.

Investors in Isotropic Systems include Boeing HorizonX Global Ventures, SES and Promus Ventures through its Luxemburg space based investment fund, Orbital Ventures, Seraphim Capital, Firmament Ventures, Space Angels and family office investors such as Waterlow Management Limited. Further information is available at www.isotropicsystems.com.

About SES Government Solutions

SES Government Solutions (SES GS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of global satellite operator SES. SES GS operates under a proxy board allowing it to provide services through contracts with the US government, including classified work. SES GS is exclusively focused on serving the US government’s satellite communications needs. Leveraging more than four decades of experience in the government SATCOM market, SES Government Solutions offers robust and secure end-to-end satellite communications solutions. More information on www.ses-gs.com

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