U.S. troops around the world to receive Thanksgiving meal despite supply chain hurdles

The Defense Logistics Agency troop support team begins work on coordinating the annual Thanksgiving meal for the troops in March, according to a Defense Department statement. This year, the team faced the same global supply chain issues the rest of the world faces as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but they still managed to get key Thanksgiving foods to bases around the world.

“We worked with our suppliers well in advance of the holidays to reduce the chance that needed items might not be available on D-Day,” said Robin Whaley, DLA Troop Support customer operations manager for the continental US. in a report.

As a result of their hard work and planning, approximately 5,706 whole turkeys, 59,666 pounds of roast turkeys, 38,400 pounds of sweet potatoes, 68,465 pounds of pies and cakes, and 23,461 gallons of eggnog were delivered to bases around the world, including Japan, Korea, Qatar, Philippines, Guam and Singapore.

“Thanksgiving is one of the most important meals we work on throughout the year,” Col. Larry Dean, director of the subsistence supply chain at DLA Troop Support, said in a statement. “As a proud member of the military who enjoyed these meals when I couldn’t be home with my family. It means so much to have that taste of home on Thanksgiving when you can’t be there. “

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sent a message to the troops the day before Thanksgiving, thanking them for their service ahead of the holidays.

“This week, as Americans reunite with family and friends, they will give thanks for the many blessings we have as a country. And I know they all count you and your families among those blessings,” he said. Austin said in the statement.

Earlier in the week, Austin echoed the same message when meeting with U.S. servicemen based at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates while on a trip to the Middle East.

“I just wanted to drop by to say thank you,” Austin said Monday, when he met with the US military at the base before returning to the United States. “I want you to convey to your families on behalf of Lloyd Austin, that we are grateful for your sacrifices.”

Austin said he knew this was not the first vacation these servicemen were missing.

“We are coming to vacation time like this, and I guess some of you have missed a number of vacations since you’ve been in the military, and you should know that we are grateful for your sacrifices. Your families should know that we are grateful for their sacrifices, ”said Austin.

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